What is an H1B Sponsor, and who Sponsors ?

Thousands of US Companies sponsor International workers every year and file H1B visas for them.

For the H1B visa program, "Sponsoring" primarily refers to 2 main factors:

1) providing sponsored employment for you, and

2) filing and paying for the H1B visa application for you 

Not all US Companies are prepared or willing to do the above, so while conducting your job search it's very important to really target in on and focus on the Companies that do and will sponsor you (it's the only way you end up with an H1B visa in your hand at the end).

Search and Review Records of over 55,000 H1B Sponsoring Companies on H1BvisaJobs.com 

                 and see and review over 270,000 H1B Visa Job Filing Petitions
     (includes: cap subject, transfer, cap exempt, certified, denied) 

H1B visa filing data for US employers that have hired, employed and filed H1B visa applications for Foreign nationals from around the World 

H1B Jobs and Visa Sponsorship - Lead Generator System 
Search the H1B sponsors and visa filing records database to quickly and easily find and apply to US Companies that have sponsored and filed H1B visas

. The Top States where H1B sponsors filed the most H1B visa applications
. The number of H1B visa applications that were filed in each State

. The Top ranked H1B Sponsors in each State
. The number of H1B sponsor who filed visas in each State
. The number of H1B visas that each H1B sponsoring company filed

. The Top H1B Jobs that H1B sponsors recruited for and filed H1B visas for
. The different types of H1B jobs and professions that each Sponsor recruited for  
. The number of H1B visas that each H1B Sponsor filed for each type of H1B job

* States, Companies and Jobs are automatically ranked in order of highest number of H1B visas filed 

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